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Savinder’s journey as a published author started from writing a technical book and then graduated to a Spiritual one.

Here's a sneak preview...

My book titled "Spirituality & Success - A guide to using Spirituality for success at work and home", available on Amazon worldwide

Everyone is a spiritual person, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Everyone wants to succeed, in their careers and home.


The question is:

  • Can spirituality and success co-exist?

  • Does spirituality have a place in today’s fiercely competitive workspace?

  • Can spirituality help in creating a happy home?

  • Can you use the principles of spirituality to succeed in

    your career & parenting?

    This book seeks to explore such answers. 

    It is a humble attempt to crystallise the knowledge received through meditation via automated writing, and to put out there for the world to consume.


You should read this book if you:

  • Want to start a career in DevOps

  • Are already in a DevOps career and want to scale it up

  • Are currently building (recruiting) a DevOps team

  • Have another career and figuring if you can fit into DevOps

  • Are curious about what a DevOps career might look like



Above all, you should read this book if you just fancy a good weekend read!

My book titled "How do I build a career in DevOps?", aqvailable on Amazon worldwide
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